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  • Spring 2018:

    Upcoming Exhibitions/ News:

  • As a recent transplant to Austin , TX I am excited about numerous projects and pieces which are in the works in my South Austin studio. Stay tuned as I hope to exhibit them later on in 2018. Currently you can see a few of my shovel pieces on display at Citizen Eatery at 5011 Burnet Rd. in Austin
  • A chapter I co-authored on the use of soil in artworks for the book, "Field to Palette – Dialogues on Soil and Art", will debut this summer at the World Congress of Soil Science in Rio. Included are images of my work combining glass and soil as well as scientifc descriptions as to why the reactions occur (thanks to the help of two brilliant soil scientists!).

    Recent Exhibitions/ News:

  • My work was included in the exhibition Sculp-Chur at Dimensions Gallery during the East Austin studio tour in Fall 2017
  • I had a piece included in the exhibition Restructured at the Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA during the winter of 2017.
  • My portrait of William Penn (made in cast plaster) was included in the exhibition "With Liberty and Justice for Some" at Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles in Winter 2017, it then travelled to San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery for Summer 2017, and Berkeley Art Center for fall 2017
  • My work was part of "Map It Out" at Blue Line Arts in Roseville, CA and the Faculty Exhibition at City College of San Francisco in Fall 2016
  • I had a 3 month artist residency at Free Oakland UP which culminated with an exhibition in Winter of 2016