• Family Archive (2010-11)

    In this body of work, knots act as a stand-in to represent each individual in my family tree. Each knot symbolically represents an individual’s preoccupation, referencing the utility of the work associated with it.The object paired with each knot becomes the focus, as well as a catalyst, for examining our own histories.

    Installation View, Mills College Art Museum (details below):

  • "Prayer Knots", 42”h x 36”w x 8”d; cast lead, wood, rope
  • "Butcher's Knot", 24”h x 13”w; cold cast bronze, rope, iron
  • "Housewife's Knot", 12"h x 12"w x 10"d; Paper, wood, rope
  • "Packer's Knot", 20”h x 32’w x 12”d each (2); fiber-glass, resin, rope, carpet
  • "Artillery Loop", 18”h x 36”w;concrete, rope, steel
  • "Figure Eight", 40”h x 35”w x 18”d; cast rubber, wood, rope